Sabtu, Maret 07, 2009

Auto Arrow (Hack Makro)

Server is running on 10 am to 1 pm. Download and run Setup.bat to setup auto.
  • - SHIFT : Auto Chero , 4k , 8k , FreeStyle
  • - CAPS LOCK : auto bboy
  • - TAB : auto couple
  • - F7 : Auto Space
  • - F8 : Stop Auto Space
  • - F10 : Hack Perfect ( No Disconnect + With Auto ! )
  • - F12 : Stop AUTO
  • - Freestyle : Should Press 1 or 2 arrow key before auto
  • - Alt + 1 (Left) : Auto Beatup Left (Auto In Left ) Only for strong pc
  • - Alt + 2 (Left) : Auto Beatup Work in 2 sides Only for strong pc
(If the program runs early press - to reduce the back press + if the press delayed)
Test is only auto !
Playing Audition Sea before login must find the correct path "Audition.exe" and then signed to run for that Audition .
[+] How to use: - Open Nice Dance (no need to copy the folder settings Au, if the copying will fail ) - Click on Chức Năng press Đăng Kí --> click on Dừng Mã Kiểm Tra to get the code.
Then fill in the name of Account, Password, Password 2 (different password level 1) then select the desired forms are signed by a machine(if play at home) or according to the account (if play at NET).If registered successful will be notified. - After successful registration please then select an Tìm path to the files in the Audition.exe
- Log to your account and then select the function want to use and enjoy any. Note: To select interactive speed hit from about 25 -70 at the then choose not and then log to au by " vào au " Errors often detect fraud simply log out and then log back is all.
Note: - Speed interactive press as small as quickly default in every category 35 - Remember to turn off Yahoo and some program no need when Auto avoid opens diss horizontal. - Each person should only sign 1 nick and registered Forum name for easy management (not true name deleted not notice or will not be activated from the server and not login.) Error-often detect fraud simply log out and then log back is all. Remember to click on the button "Bắt Đầu" before entering the audition. At Au-being disconection: Installing audtion on the original (or re-setup script) choose "Không" the then Check into the bottom AUTO then select the speed of 35 and load game. (number as small interactive as quickly, but miss ) Anti-Virus will detect this tool like Virus, u should turn off the anti-virus or yahoo before run audition !
"Keyboard runs with usb port is not support"
caranya :
  • Login klw yang udah punya accountnya
  • klw belum punya Register dolo...
  • atau klw mau coba isi ja ID : t1 s/d t30 Pass : 111
  • pilih ja mau perfect apa auto arrow...
  • isi delaynya 30
  • inject nya audition.exe jangan salah...
  • langsung msuk ke game ayodance...
  • didalem folder Nicedancer ada tutornya... baca dolo biar gak nanya" lagi...

smoga sukses...
NB:  Have Nice Dance.... Artiin ja sendiri.....

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